Luana Italy

Luana Italy


L25: Can you tell us about some of the history of Luana Italy?

BB: Mr. Rosadi named the line after his daughter, Luana Rosadi who in turn became the lead designer of the line. With the rich history of skilled craftsmanship, detailed design and tannery innovation long present in the Florence area, they produced Luana, another line called Melusine, along with producing accessories for Enrico Covieri and Ermanno Scervino.

L25: Can you tell us about your design background and what led you to Luana Italy?

BB: After designing for DKNY and Donna Karan International for about fourteen years, what will forever stay with me was the dynamic, passionate, immersive approach to design…along with the work ethic and intense dedication required to manifest one’s vision that was so prevalent there. And to think in terms of an entire lifestyle, the bigger picture. I’m deeply grateful I was able learn from and interact with so many immense talents and industry legends. I spent several years after that consulting and worked on a variety of design and artistic projects for a wide range of clients and companies spanning mass market to couture, costume design to product development. It’s been quite an adventure. Michelle and I met and really, it was kismet.

L25: How are you reconciling the history of Luana Italy for a more modern customer?

BB: We still focus on the original concepts of Luana Italy, considering the quality of the materials, details, hardware and the desire to express modernity while appreciating tradition, to create beautifully designed leather goods. The brand progressed with the times from the structured elegance of 1960s Italy to the piecing and stitch detailing of the 70s and on to the easier, slouchier feel of later decades encompassing all types of materials and detail techniques. Presently, I seek to incorporate all of these elements and approach the design thinking about what elevates and complements a uniquely personal approach to style…what is timeless with an innovative flair. Accessories for today’s busy and mobile lifestyles should keep one looking polished from day to night—if one of our pieces can elevate how you feel and enhance your life, then that’s the ultimate success, really. Luana Italy bags have a strong personality because they’re designed for women with a strong personality.

L25: Where do you draw inspiration from?

BB: Inspiration is everywhere, in everything…art, music, travel. Technology, short format film and installations are endlessly interesting. Reading and learning are the most inspiring things for me, I’ve always loved studying history and international cultures…I particularly love interior décor, antiques and architecture, metalworking, gemology. To me, nature is the greatest designer and am constantly in awe of the scope of its imagination.


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