Meet Texan beauty Emilee Miller, an up-and-coming model who’s making waves in the modeling world. The rising star kicked off her career five years ago and has been dominating the scene ever since—we won’t be surprised if you see her popping up everywhere. We sat down with Emilee to talk style inspo, her career, and the modeling industry.

What’s your go-to outfit?

As a typical girl I almost always have nothing to wear. Definitely my go-to’s are my fave boyfriend jeans, a crop-top tee and booty heels. This trendy look can get me by for almost any occasion.

Who inspires your fashion and why?

I’m always looking at the top models for style and inspiration. We all know fashion is ever evolving so I like to admire my favorite girls and then put my Emilee twist on their looks.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who’s would it be?

Oh wow… what a fantasy. If I had to pick one I would have to say Olivia Culpo. If you check out her Instagram her fashion is so on point. #goals

So where are you from? How did your hometown shape your style?

I’m from a small town in West Texas called San Angelo. Coming from an area like that I’d probably have to say my hometown has taught me how NOT to dress. Haha

Tell us about your modeling career-how did it all begin?

My first big break came in 2012 when my mom entered me into a random modeling contest from a brand new company in Miami called Modellauncher. It was their first ever contest and I won! I flew to Miami to shoot with an apparel company and got my first taste of the model lifestyle. I’ve been obsessed ever since.

What are some misconceptions people have about modeling industry?

The biggest misconception is people think that modeling is easy. It is hard work just like most other jobs, not to mention a 24/7 lifestyle. We have to maintain our look, our bodies, our confidence and our youthfulness. It takes full-time commitment and dedication.

Best part of your job?

The biggest pay off for me would be getting in front of the camera. I love to shoot! The camera gives me life.

What are 5 pieces of clothing you can’t live without?

My fave boyfriend jeans, white crop-top tee, black Lulu leggings and sports bra, and can’t forget my little black leather dress.

What was your favorite look you picked from TheLab25?

My fave is the pink dress with the pink trenchcoat! #BarbieMafia

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